Products you need for your baby

Which baby products are essential for the first year? Look over our checklist of the most important things you’ll need to clothetransport, bathe, and feed your baby as well as give him a safe place to sleep and explore. You’ll also find specific information about the supplies you need in the first six weeksand what to put on your baby registry too.

If you want to go beyond the basics, we also have a list of product “extras”that can make the first year even easier.

Baby clothes

Baby clothes are usually sized by age, but this can vary among brands. For example, a 3- to 6-month bodysuit from one brand may be snug on your 4-month old, while the same size from another brand could be too big. Look for clothes that also list weight or height guidelines to help you find the ones that will fit your baby best.

Some babies go straight to 3 months and never need newborn sizes, but that’s hard to predict in advance, so it doesn’t hurt to have some on hand. Also make sure you have a couple outfits in the next size up before your child actually needs it – babies grow quickly! Buying secondhand clothes and accepting hand-me-downs are a good way to make sure you’ll always have the right size.

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